Monday, July 1, 2019

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ITB 1002

Spring  2019

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Friday, June 7, 2019

Spring 2019 Finale: Take a Stand!

Take a stand”= defend an action or position that others might not agree with.

Part#1: Persuasive Essay (Due June 9)

Write at least a 300 word opinion essay on your 'Take a Stand' topic.  Please create this as a Google Doc and share it with
Persuasive Essay Guide

Part#2:  'Take a Stand' Panel (June 12/19)
Defend the opinion your wrote about during an in-class 'Take a Stand' Panel.  You will begin with a 1-2 minute opening statement (you may use notes, but please do not read).  You will then defend your position in front of a highly esteemed panel of sharp-witted interrogators (5-8 minutes).  Your 'stand' will be videotaped.
Please choose topics that are specific, engaging, and easily debatable.

Examples: (more below)
  • Public university should be tuition-free for all citizens.
  • All zoos are inhumane and should be banned.
  • Korean women should also be required to serve in the military.
  • Same sex marriage should be legal and same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children.
  • Animals should not be used for any scientific or commercial testing.
  • God exists.
  • Korea should legalize all forms of prostitution
  • My wife should accompany me to my colleague’s wedding next weekend.
  • Deadpool would defeat Wolverine in a battle.
  • There should be a 500% tax on all instant noodle products (ramyeon).

Examples of topics that are NOT specific enough or easily debatable

  • Puppies are cute.
  • People should be nicer to each other.
  • We use too much technology these days.
Sources of possible topics

By June 21, please watch your video and write a short reflection. 👀
Identify strengths of your ‘stand’ and at least three examples of language usage/pronunciation that could be improved. Share any other thoughts you have after watching the video.

😘  Be Nice to Yourselves!  
You can email your reflection to Jeff or post it in our class Band.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Brain Health & Nutrition

Main Readings (Compiled from several of the sources below)
Brain Nutrition
Other Materials

Discussion Questions

  1. When are you at your sharpest mentally?  When are you at your weakest? Do you ever experience brain fog?
  2. What are you doing that is positive or negative for your brain health?
  3. Have you ever made dietary changes in the hopes of improving your mental strength? What were they and how effective were they?
  4. How do different foods you eat affect your stomach, your mood and/or energy levels?
  5. In what ways are you a healthy eater? In what ways aren’t you?
  6. Do you look at nutrition labels? If so, do they affect your consumption habits?
  7. How different is your diet from your parents? your children?
  8. How much and what kinds of  processed food do you eat?
  9. Which foods do you eat that have a lot of salt, sugar, trans fat, or other potentially harmful ingredients?
  10. Do you take any vitamins or dietary supplements? Which ones? Why?
  11. How have your eating habits changed over time?
  12. What kinds of diets have you tried?  Which were effective? How did they affect you?