Monday, October 26, 2020

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Sunday, October 25, 2020

Job Interview Practice 2020

Week#10: Job Interview Practice 
Week#11: Job Interview Tips
Week#12: (November 18) 
We will conduct mock job interviews. Please prepare either a basic Education/Work Overview Form or a Resume and cover letter.

More Lists of Questions
Resume Building Sites

  • Think of your core values and/or words that describe you, along with some kind of explanation. 
  • Think of different kinds of significant experiences you’ve had. What did you learn from them? Use the STAR method.
  • Research the company and industry you want to be part of and prepare to answer why you want to work for THAT company and THAT industry.
  • Remember: They are more concerned about their own needs and wants than yours.

Job Interview Video Tips
Video Playlist Job Hunting

5 Tips to Ace an Interview Behavior Based Questions

Why Should We Hire You?

Job Interview Advice (Handout)

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Harvest Festivals Around the World + Happy Chuseok!

Harvest Holidays Around the World Handout

Celebrating the September Equinox - autumn festivals around the world -  Travel Continuum

Chuseok / Family Questions

  1. What are your plans for Chuseok? What are you looking forward to?  dreading?

  2. Will Chuseok be different this year? If so, how?

  3. What are usually your favorite and least favorite parts of the holiday?

  4. Does your family have any unique Chuseok traditions?

  5. Will you spend (or receive) a lot of money during the holiday? How so?

  6. What are your (best, worst, funniest, scariest, etc.) holiday memories?

  7. What are the different gender roles during the holiday?  Have they changed over time?

  8. How is your mother’s side of your extended family different from your father’s side?

  9. Who is your favorite relative? least favorite?  craziest?

  10. Is your family emotionally and/or physically expressive and/or affectionate?
    Do you hug each other?  say ‘I love you’?  yell when arguing?

  11. What’s more common in your family - compliments or criticism?

  12. How does your family conduct the memorial ceremony (차례)? 

  13. If/when you or your spouse are in charge of 제사 ceremonies, how will you conduct them?

  14. What are you most thankful for during the past year?

  15. Have you ever celebrated a  holiday (Korean or other) outside of Korea? If so, what was most impressive and/or memorable?

Hosted Topics Class members will take turns being 'Topic Hosts'. Alone or with a partner, each of you will prepare materials on some topic of interest and/or relevance to your learning goals. This can include current events, social issues, academic subjects, general interest knowledge, work-related matters, or particular language skills. 

In class, the topic host will provide a short introduction/overview of the topic and prepare materials, vocabulary, and discussion questions that will be covered in class and/or written/spoken about after class. The introduction should not last longer than five minutes. You can use visual aids if you like, but please do not read from a ppt. We will plan to spend 40-50 minutes of class time going over the material and discussing the topic. 

By the Saturday before your topic, please share your tentative plans and materials with me. I am glad to provide whatever assistance I can.

You can sign up for your preferred date on your Group Notes Doc.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Artificial Intelligence




Discussion Questions

  1. Would you want to have a ‘synth’ in your home? Why or Why not?
    How would different members of your family react?
  2. How would you design your synth - gender, size, race, etc? What would you like them to do?
  3. How would you feel about having a synth coworker?
  4. Would you (or people you know) consider having an AI-based synthetic life partner?
  5. Do you think AI ‘synths’ should have any ethical rights?
  6. Do you think it is possible for an AI creation to gain consciousness? have emotions?
  7. Are you more optimistic or pessimistic about artificial intelligence technology? Why?
  8. Do you think AI beings could destroy humanity?
  9. Can they be creative and produce unique ideas and works of art?
  10. Do you think AI should be used in education to monitor students and provide analytics that improve learning outcomes? Does it matter if bio-monitoring is involved?
  11. What is the difference between AI programming and human ‘programming’?
  12. Do you think human consciousness could be transferred to an AI so that humans’ minds can survive after their bodies are gone? If possible, would you want to do so?

Join the GSIT Flipgrid Group using your Gmail address. 
Go to the Artificial Intelligence Discussion and post a 60-90 video taking a stand agreeing or disagreeing with one of these statements.  Please post that video by Thursday, September 17.  Then post at least one response to your classmates' videos by Sunday, September 20 

  1.  Artificial Intelligence is capable of creating original art and creative works.
  2.  AI will eventually destroy humanity.
  3.  AI will cause more harm than benefit to society.
  4.  I would like to have an AI based human-like synth as a household helper.
  5.  I would consider have an AI-based human-like synth as a life partner.
  6.  I would like to have my consciousness transferred to a synthetic being after my corporal death.
  7. . Governments should be able to use AI-based tracking for the purposes of public safety (e.g. preventing crime, punishing violators, tracking pandemics)
  8. AI should be used as much as possible in education to monitor and analyze students.

Image result for humans tv
Neflitx: The Social Dilemma 
Black Mirror:
San Junipero
Rachel Jack and Ashley Too