Monday, December 31, 2018

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Fall 2018

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Saturday, December 8, 2018

ITB 1003 "Final Experience" : Focus on Feedback

The goal of these ‘final experience’ activities is to provide you with a final round of feedback on your spoken and written English.

Speakers Corner Video
Alone or with a partner, discuss a Speakers Corner question. (3~4 minutes/person). You can choose one from the list or choose your own. Choose the kind of topic/speaking style you’d like feedback on.  The first video can be recorded before the December 12 class if you wish. The second will be a ‘Spontaneous Topic’ given to you in class on December 12. Both should be video recorded and sent to Jeff by by  December 12. 

Roundtable Discussion Talk Show (in class Dec. 12)
Select a topic of interest and find a related Korean article or source material. Topics should be posted to the band by December 10 and include a 200+ word English overview or translation, vocabulary words, questions, and links.

Talk shows should last 5~10 minutes/person and participants should try to evenly divide ‘talk time’. Topics can be presented in 2-3 minutes and followed by a discussion with all roundtable participants. The presenter can use notes, but please DO NOT READ.

Two people should audio record the show in case there are any technical issues. After the show, upload one recording to the Band.

Review Quiz (vocabulary and content from spring and fall 2018) (in class December 12)
No need to study. This is an assessment of long-term retention, not short-term cramming.

Conference with Jeff (Face to Face or Virtual)

This can take place in person (on Dec. 17 ~ 19) or virtually (Dec. 17~21). This is primarily an opportunity to share feedback on your final experience output and discuss or get feedback on anything else else you wish.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Fall 2018 Midterm: Take a Stand!

Fall 2018 Midterm: Take a Stand!Take a stand”= defend an action or position that others might not agree with.

Part#1: Persuasive Essay (Due October 22)

Write at least a 300 word opinion essay on your 'Take a Stand' topic. Please post this as a Google Doc in your GSIT Writing Folder. If you have any technical problems, you can email your writing to Jeff at
Persuasive Essay Guide

Part#2:  'Take a Stand' Panel (October 24)
Defend the opinion your wrote about during an in-class 'Take a Stand' Panel. You will begin with a 1-2 minute opening statement (you may use notes, but please do not read). You will then defend your position in front of a highly esteemed panel of sharp-witted interrogators (5-8 minutes). Your 'stand' will be videotaped. Please choose topics that are specific, engaging, and easily debatable.


  • Same sex marriage should be legal and same-sex couples should be allowed to adopt children. 
  • Animals should not be used for any scientific or commercial testing. 
  • Korean women should also be required to serve in the military or fulfill some kind of civil service 
  • God exists.
  • Korea should legalize prostitution 
  • Public university should be tuition-free for all citizens.
  • My wife should accompany me to my colleague’s wedding next weekend.  
  • All zoos are inhumane and should be banned. 
  • Wonder Woman would defeat Xena in a battle.
  • There should be a 500% tax on all instant noodle products (ramyeon).

Examples of topics that are NOT specific enough or easily debatable

  • Puppies are cute.
  • People should be nicer to each other.
  • We use too much technology these days.

Sources of possible topics

By Oct. 29, please watch your video and write a short reflection.

Try to identify
- three examples of language usage that could be improved
- three examples of pronunciation or intonation that could be improved
- Share any other thoughts your have after watching your video.

Be Nice to Yourselves!
You can email your reflection to Jeff or post it in our class Band. 

Monday, October 8, 2018

Digital Tools

Blog Creation

Sources of Audio Books
See the Audio Guide for complete lists.

Pronunciation Practice

The Dessert Table - Fun Stuff


Lyrics Training - Using songs to practice language skills

Fun Sites  (personality tests) 

  • Bookworm - my sister's fave!  
  • PopWord - like Word Tetris
  • Group Boggle - Find as many words as possible as others around the world do the same
  • Wordit - arrange all letters to make valid words.  Timed or untimed.